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16th Oct 2018

The Death of the Preacher (Special Episode)

We mourn the loss of a complex figure in this special bonus episode. Investigators Sutton and Wally pay tribute to the passing of The Preacher, their longtime foe. 

Though they clashed fiercely over the occult truths Sutton and Wally sought to uncover, The Preacher's zeal could not be denied. In his own way, he set our heroes on the path by first connecting them. 

Now gone, The Preacher leaves a complex legacy. Was he misguided or misunderstood? As Sutton and Wally reflect on how he impacted their journey, one thing is clear - the darkness breeds conviction on all sides. 

Join us in saluting a man who lived and died for what he believed, even if his methods were controversial. Farewell Preacher Man, you will not be forgotten. Your memory will fuel our search for the light you worked so hard to protect. 

The mysteries only deepen as we say goodbye to a turbulent ally. Expect new revelations when our fictional thriller podcast returns...

/// Credits

Wally Fitch is played by Phil Bowyer

Sutton Blackhill is played by Kate Bowyer

Snorre Helige played by Mike Svensson

Officer Freeman (AKA 8B17) - Jesse James Freeman

Officer Wells (AKA 8B24) played by Gavin Wells

Police Dispatcher is played by Caitlin Bowyer

Texas Reporter Bill Mikelson is played by Jesse James Freeman

Chicago Reporter Nora McMurphy played by Nora Whalen

News Anchor Played by Connrad Bowyer

Jill St. Vincent Played by Katie Bowyer

Baby Doll played by Possessed Baby Doll

Historic and Viking Advisor: Mike Svensson

Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment

Theme music, "Crossroads", was exclusively written and recorded by Grand Rezerva.

Music courtesy Shot Glass Records & BoozeHound Music

Written by Kate Bowyer & Phil Bowyer

Directed by Phil Bowyer

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